Angeline Smith’s career started in the food industry, and although she enjoyed presenting her skills to a lot of celebrities and royals, her passion led her to make a new start.  She has always had an eye for unique accessories and pieces of art and through this Chic For Me was born.

Chic For Me is a lifestyle brand collaborating with the best designers and artists South Africa has to offer.  Founder Angeline Smith started Chic For Me with the idea of sharing what she loved in the pieces she bought with a broader audience. She has always looked for unique accessories, art, decor, etc. and wants to offer these unique local items to the rest of South Africa.

These are the brands she has connected with and love:

Nikki Stewart

This ceramic artist is very close to my heart. 16 years ago, I was first introduced to her art when I received one of her pieces as a gift. My journey with Nikki has now come full circle and I am proud to offer what she is creating.


Tangible has caught my attention when I saw the detail with which they create every scarf and tassel. It brings a unique feeling to their range and I love wearing them ever since.


These leather handbags are designed with unique geometric patterns and painted patterns which result in handmade gems. A must-have in your collection!

Boot and Rally

A friend of mine was on a mission to find a leather handbag that she had ones seen at a market in Johannesburg. Her search finally led her to the creator’s house and she was so excited about her find that she had to share it with me. These leather and reclaimed canvas bags are a true labour of love.