Cathy the girl and Vivien the boy.
Like A Boy Named Sue, that song by Johnny Cash.
Our lives have been a bit like one of those movies that neither of us really care for.
Boy meets terminally ill girl – Cathy was born with Cystic Fibrosis, an inherited lung disease.
Girl has ‘expiry date’ settled in her head of 44.
Being 30 already there’s no time to waste and they get married, vowing to make the most of their time together.

But then in an unexpected twist of irony, less than two years later, boy is diagnosed with rare brain tumour.
The eight hour op is a success. Boy survives and recovers. And they decide the best thing to do is work together. So they start a jewellery business, the perfect backdrop to showcase their shared creativity and determination to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

Through many ups and downs, they make a success of it, working together, travelling together, creating the most beautiful jewellery. There’s even a cameo appearance by Richard Branson (as himself), their most notable customer.

But all the while, girl’s health is deteriorating, becoming more and more overwhelming and difficult to manage.
And after more than ten years of working side by side, we’re reminded of something girl said in the opening scene – “CF always wins”.
Boy and girl decide to call it a day and sell their business.
Girl doesn’t have much longer to live.

A year at best. She’s on a waiting list for a lung transplant but the wait is at least two.
But then! Unexpectedly. Miraculously.
Girl gets the call for a bilateral lung transplant. Age 43. In the year of her predicteded expiry.
And fade to grey. The outcome inconclusive.

What an overwhelmingly humbling feeling to be granted extra time. What to do with it?
And Tuesday Jewelry was born, expressing the sentiment that ‘Everybody has a story’.
TUESDAY jewelry seeks to acknowledge our significant life events, our celebrations and tragedies, our scars, our victories, our joys. However big or small they may be.

Viv and I are both passionate lovers of the natural beauty we’re fortunate to be surrounded by – a constant source of inspiration. We seek to translate that beauty into something lasting, beautiful, endearing and encouraging.